Mentor Program

The EPSARC Mentor Program provides opportunities for continuing referee education and experience in addition to certification requirements. Whatever your level, feedback is important.

The goals of the Mentor program are to:

  • Retain and develop referees
  • Improve the level of refereeing
  • Provide advancement opportunities

Having a good mentor can help you become a better referee.   We offer informal guidance along with more formal assessments for those looking to upgrade.

If you are interested in participating, either as a mentor or mentee, contact Mike Moran at

List of upcoming Mentor Events.


So far in 2018, the mentor program has participated in 5 events throughout Eastern Pennsylvania.

1 – Lower Dauphin Spring Tune Up 3/17 – 3/18

2 – West-Mont College Showcase  4/28 – 4/29

3 – NCS & President’s Cup Finals  5/19

4 – U18 / U19 NCS & Challenge Cup Finals 6/2 – 6/3

5 – Lititz  Summer Showcase  7/28 & 7/29

The mentor team has provided feedback to over 162 referees.   A huge jump from previous years.