Annual Recertification

NOTE:  There are no in-person clinics required for 2021 recertification

US Soccer announces new classifications for referees:  Grassroots, Regional, National and Professional

All U.S. Soccer Grassroots Referee (previously 7,8,9) require annual recertification, including online modules and testing.

Additionally, Regional Referees (previously grade 5 & 6) also require an annual fitness test and on-field assessment.

National and Professional Referees recertify directly with U.S. Soccer.

To complete recertification:

  1. Log into your EPSARC account
  2. Register for a Recertification Online Clinic
    • Grassroots Referees (previous EPA grades 8,9 and Emeritus)
      • Online recertification clinic
    • Regional Referees (previously grades 5 and 6), Previous EPA grade 7 refs, Assignors, Instructors, Assessors
      • Advanced clinic (TBD)
      • Fitness Test (Referees only)
  3. Complete prerequisites
    • Online modules
    • Online test
    • Current background clearances
      • Must be completed every 5 years
    • SafeSport training
      • Must be refreshed every 1  year