Referee Assignors

Assignors service leagues and tournaments at a variety of competitive levels.

Reach out to an assignor in your area.  Tell them a little about yourself Рyour name, age and availability.
Assignments are made using various platforms, so become familiar with what your assignor does.

Assignor Information 2022

Responsibility of officials:

  • Keep the lines of communication open between yourself and your assignor.
  • Work with one main assignor to avoid conflicts, but your are able to work for as many as you’d like.
  • Keep your availability up to date if using an online program for assignments.
  • Communicate the receipt of a higher priority appointment to your assignor. (Report an assignor that refuses to release the official for a higher priority assignment to their State Referee Administrator and the U.S. Soccer Referee Department)
  • If you have any issues of referee abuse or referee assault during a match, immediately contact your assignor.

Responsibility of assignors:

  • Identify the highly experienced officials who are likely to be assigned to a higher priority assignment and always be prepared to fill these slots on an emergency basis
  • Cooperate with officials and other assignors on those rare occasions when the game priority policy is invoked
  • Report any concerns regarding officials to the State Referee Administrator
  • Assignors should be selected by the affiliated competitions being served with advisement from the State Referee Committee.
  • Assignor appointments should be made for a period of at least one year and assignors should be familiar with the registration and certification processes for officials.
  • When an assignor is also a referee, they should not officiate in any competition where they also serve as an assignor (unless in an emergency situation).