Recertification for Grassroots Referees



Recertification for Grassroots Referees is going on now!
A late fee will be applied beginning April 1

Guidelines on completing your 2022 Recertification
  1. Log into your OMS account
  2. Click on Registration tab > click on Register for a Clinic or Fitness Test
  3. Go through the prompts
  4. Select a recert clinic and pay the registration fee
  5. Return to your OMS home page and click on Online Lessons
  6. Complete all of the online lessons

Background clearances must be up to date

  1. Review the requirements here The expiration date is on your home page.
  2. To upload new clearances:
    1. Click on Administration tab > click on Update Safesport/Background Status
    2. Coose and upload each document individually

Safesport must be done every 12 months

  1.  Safesport must be done every 12 months.
  2. To take Safesport or the Refresher:
    1. Log into
    2. Go to Courses > Available courses > Supplemental courses > Safesport
  3. You can also go directly to
    1. Log in and go to the Catalog and complete the full course, or one of the Refreshers if applicable.
    2. There is no charge for Safesport.


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